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Jeffrey Chard

Position: Principal

Jeffrey Chard joined Paul Bard Lawyers in August 2000, became a Partner in 2012, took over the firm in 2017 and changed the name to CBB Law in 2024. He has over 25 years’ experience and has been an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation for over 15 years. Jeffrey obtained his law degree in 1986 from the New South Wales Institute of Technology (now University of Technology, Sydney) after initially graduating in Electrical Engineering in 1980 with First Class Honours. Jeffrey’s main practice involves corporate, insolvency and bankruptcy matters, acting for both debtor and creditor clients as well as a number of trustees, liquidators and administrators. He is regularly involved in applications to terminate the winding up of companies, termination of bankruptcies and prosecuting or defending winding up or bankruptcy proceedings.

Jeffrey Chard has been involved in major cases dealing with the removal of liquidators, setting aside Deeds of Company Arrangement, ATO Director Penalty Notices, copyright infringement cases, and equitable tracing claims. He also practices in administrative reviews in the AAT and NCAT. Jeffrey’s interests include engineering and construction law, intellectual property, technology and general commercial litigation. Prior to 1989, he was an electrical protection engineer in the electricity supply industry at Energy Australia (now Ausgrid). Jeffrey’s interest in technology resulted in the firm advancing its use of software to manage matters and assisted the firm to quickly identify critical documents in litigation matters and economically and effectively manage very high-volume document-based litigation. He has been a member of the firm’s management team that documented and implemented policies and procedures for quality assurance accreditation for over four years.