CBB Law’s Litigation Service is a cornerstone of our legal expertise. Led by Jeffrey Chard, an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation with over 25 years of experience, our team specialises in handling intricate disputes across various sectors. Whether it’s corporate conflicts, insolvency matters, or administrative reviews, our approach centres on providing tailored and effective solutions that prioritise the commercial viability of our clients.

With a focus on precision and dedication, we analyse each case meticulously to understand the nuances and complexities involved. Our strategies aim to provide the most efficient and cost-effective resolutions, ensuring that our clients’ interests are represented with utmost professionalism and expertise.

Our Approach

At CBB Law, our approach to litigation is rooted in strategic, focused, and efficient representation. We tailor our counsel to the unique demands of each case, ensuring that our clients receive personalised strategies for optimal outcomes. Our team’s dedication lies in directing efforts toward the best interests of our clients, analysing cases comprehensively to navigate legal intricacies efficiently.

Tailored Guidance:

Every case receives personalised strategies.

Dedicated Representation:

Advocating for clients' best interests.

Thorough Analysis:

Meticulous review of legal complexities.

Cost-Effective Resolutions:

Efficient dispute resolutions.

Litigation services

Dispute Resolution

Swiftly navigate through the conflicts. Handle disputes swiftly with our strategic and precise approach.

Complex Litigation

We provide expert handling of complex matters. Receive comprehensive representation for intricate legal matters.

Commercial Disputes

Find efficient resolution of commercial conflicts. Resolve commercial disputes efficiently with our dedicated team's support.

Litigation services
Litigation services
Beyond offering strategic counsel and focused representation, our Litigation Service encompasses a wide spectrum of legal support. We excel in resolving disputes swiftly and precisely, ensuring that each case receives meticulous attention to detail. Our expertise extends to handling complex legal matters, providing comprehensive representation that addresses intricate nuances effectively. Based on each case, we select appropriate barristers with a proven record to argue the facts and support your position. Moreover, we specialise in efficiently resolving commercial conflicts, leveraging our team’s dedication and experience to support our clients in navigating the complexities of business-related disputes. At CBB Law, our commitment is to deliver results-driven solutions that prioritise our clients’ interests while ensuring swift and effective resolutions to their legal challenges.